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It's not just for Dogs, people have a great time here as well

Our clients and prospects alike want to know a bit about SitSpot and the people who are actually taking care of their pals and assisting with their education, so we decided to tell you a little about ourselves.

Our Business Philosophy

Our goal at SitSpot is to provide service and products that we would be happy utilizing. My partner and I are very selective about products we think are worth carrying. After all, there are warehouses full of dog toys, treats and tools and it isn't difficult to find stuff to buy, but choosing equipment and supplies worth buying takes a lot of research, trial and error.

We research goods, attend industry conferences, talk with top trainers around the country, rely on our own knowledge and finally consult with our dogs JB and Jazz to test and ensure that the goods we carry are unique, safe, durable and fun!

We offer a home-like environment for our boarding guests and don't spare the lap-time, pats, play or cookies. We want every guest to be comfortable, happy and safe while they visit us and that is what we always look for when we need to house our dogs (on those rare occasions when we go somewhere they can't join us).

Personalized, professional and caring service are just some of the ways we want our clients to think of us before and after they visit and we work very hard to meet that ideal.

Our Employees

I have always been an animal lover. Both my partner and I have had horses, rabbits, goats, softbill birds, cats and an occasional lizard in our care and over the years dogs have evolved to be our second families.

We work with our dogs in many ways. We compete in obedience, agility, carting and conformation with our dogs and always look for new ways to expand our relationship and understanding of them.

After years of study and untold hours of dog interactions, dogs are still showing me there is much more to know to live in harmony and understanding with these fascinating creatures.

At SitSpot we want to help you and your dog grow together and expand your relationship and understanding of each other.

At SitSpot your dog is treasured and treated with the respect we know you feel toward your chum. We appreciate your trusting us with the care of your friend.

Thank you. We will do our best to live up to the job.

Our Company

We opened our doors in June 2004 here in Susanville and have been absolutely thrilled at the warm welcome we have received. We are also impressed with the general level of pet care we see from our clients to their dogs.

Our intention is to keep the center an intimate kennel where the dogs who stay here are relaxed and happy, apparently feeling they haven't been abandoned, but rather are visiting some dear friends.

We work with the Lassen County Animal Shelter to help improve conditions for those dogs who have fallen on hard times, playing the lotto for life.

We are committed to supporting the Lassen County Humane Society and have volunteered staff time as well as managed dog and musical fundraiser events to support the great work that organization is doing. Their programs to reduce unwanted pet births, caring for homeless and unfortunate pets, providing food for both the shelter dogs and adopted dogs, free name tags for claimed dogs and those adopted, as well as the foster program are admirable and worthwhile endeavors. We are proud of the reduced number of litters of puppies surrendered to the shelter this year. Please go to their website through our links page and become a member.

We think of SitSpot as a small company with a huge heart and very extended family. We hope you will join us here whenever you need care for or assistance with your dog.