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Yes, Dogs Can Dance!

Ms Judy and her lovely new pup

Yes, we all love your chin music!

Does that sound like our song?

Care to dance my dear?

Jackie and Count Fabuloso ready to shake it up

TIme for a Spin

This time I'll Lead

Now its Treat 1,2,3,spin OK?

I think we'll sit this one out

Class: Musical Freestyle

Date: Sun. April 18, 2010

Times: Intro – 9:30am - 12:00pm

          The Next Step  – 1:00 – 3:30pm

Location: Lassen County Fair Grounds Commercial Building

               Susanville, CA.

The Introduction to Canine Musical Freestyle workshop teaches you basic content and vocabulary. Much like learning the signs in rally obedience or the obstacles in agility, you need to understand the content of the sport and develop your handling skills in order to become proficient.

This workshop takes you through a warm up routine, stretches, three progressively harder freestyle routines, and a cool down massage all set to music! Information about competition is also included in this workshop. 

At 1:00 The Next Step – Creating Your Routine is a workshop for experienced handlers or those who have completed the Introduction to Canine Musical Freestyle. This workshop teaches you concepts of selecting music for your dog, how to handle your dog to his best advantage, and how to create movement phrases with music. This workshop takes a deeper look into the competitive sport of Canine Musical Freestyle. 

Judy Gamet, BS in Dance Education, has been training rottweilers for the past 17 years. A competitor in conformation, tracking, Schutzhund, traditional obedience, and rally obedience, Judy is West Coast Representative of the Canine Freestyle Federation, created Dogs Can Dance, and has been coaching competition teams for the past 6 years. For more information, visit:

Fee: $55.00 per class  

Audit only fee (no dogs) $25.00 per class

Save $5.00 per class if you sign up for both Intro and The Next Step

            Checks or cash only

Group Rate: Enroll 3 get 4th Registration FREE!

Call to enroll or for information

SitSpot - 257-3161