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SitSpot "To the Nines" BOARDING!

All this FUN and the 10th Day is FREE!
At SitSpot its all about having fun!

SitSpot Canine Center is a member of the American Boarding Kennels Association and offers a unique boarding experience under the management of a Certified Pet Care Technician and professional, Certified Pet Dog Trainer. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality service experience available for our clients with Safety and Fun our top priorities.

We are introducing SitSpot's

"To the Nines" program for 2009!

That means our clients, and their friends get to save money and have fun all year long.

SitSpot's "To the Nines" program uses a membership card (pick one up next time you come in) to help deliver savings and special offer deals to our customers and clients and it works like this:

Purchase 9 Days of Boarding or Day Care and you get the 10th day free. Spend $90.00 on training supplies, treats or gear and get 10% off. 

Our facility can accommodate a limited number of dogs who need to spend some time away from their family, but deserve to be kept in a family-style setting.

Whether you are planning to be away for a day, overnight, a week or for an extended period, SitSpot Canine Center is able to ensure your dog's well being and provides care on a very perrsonalized basis dependent upon your dog's specific needs.

The SitSpot package covers meals, treats, basic recreation with 4-5 daily excursions in the exercise yard, noontime and bedtime cookies, new age and classical music, aromatherapy and lots of personal attention from our professional staff. We also add Oxyfresh's Oral Hygiene Solution to the drinking water. This product softens plaque on teeth to help prevent the buildup of tarter and after 4-5 days helps improve bad breath.

The SitSpot boarding package includes special socialization opportunities, with owner permission, through play periods with other canine guests of appropriate temperaments.

SitSpot can readily accomodate special diet concerns and the care of physically challenged pets requiring daily medication and special monitoring.

SitSpot Boarding Requirements:
Current shots records or Titers for:
DHLPP and 
Bordetella (canine cough - vacination must be current with-in the last 6 months and no less than one week prior to stay).

Though all runs are equipped with a PetCot hammock-style bed, please bring adequate blankets or bedding to ensure your dog's comfort (for an additional fee, SitSPot can supply  blankets and bedding).

PLEASE NOTE: SitSpot does not have a quarantine facility and unfortunately can not accept dogs requiring isolation or in-season females). 

SitSpot reserves the right to refuse services as it deems appropriate

In addition to boarding, SitSpot offers doggy day care, giving your dog a safe, fun place to be entertained while you run errands or attend "people only" events.

Boarding runs $25.00 per day for the first dog and $23.00 for a second.
(We do offer senior, extended stay and multiple dog rate breaks, so be sure to ask about those discounts if they apply).

Day care costs $15.00 per day.
Ask about monthly breaks.

Re: Holiday Policy
SweetHeart Deal:
If you are planning a Valentine's Run-Away 2/13 - 15 call now the first 4 people to mention our "SweetHeart Deal" will get
a 10% discount on the weekend, isn;t that tasty?

SitSpot requires a 3 day minimum stay for holiday periods. 

To be fare to all of our customers and to assist us in planning and boarding management, we regard all booked days as billable days regardless of departure date. We have a waiting list and clients who want to keep their pets with us and if a dog leaves earlier than the reservation date, we have turned down a guest that would have wanted the accommodation.

SitSpot requires a non-refundable deposit for all holiday stays to ensure better communication and planning and to assure our clients that we will honor their reservations as well as do all we can to get them in should they be on stand-by for space notification.

SitSpot is the exclusive area dealer for Canidae dog and cat food and feeds Canidae to all guests unless owner preference dictates otherwise.

Be sure to visit the SitSpot store for canned and dry dog and cat food, cookies and training treats.

SitSpot is the area distributor for Canidae

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